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Yoga mats supplier, yoga mat manufacturer/PVC yoga mat wholesale and distributionNingbo Virson sporting goods co., LTD., specializing in fitness accessories, including production and export of yoga mats (PVC yoga mat, TPE yoga mat, NBR yoga mat), yoga block, foam roller, pilates ring, gym ball (swiss ball), balance cushion, resistance bands, and other fitness accessories, etc.The company was founded in 2008, is located in the eastern part of China, Ningbo city, traffic by exported to different ...
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How to choose a yoga mat?
How to choose a yoga mat? When you are looking to buy a yoga mat, not only consider its colour and design, their quality and feature are important during your yoga workout. Yoga mat needs to keep you stable in your poses; and it needs to be storable and portable, yet comfy and cushy. You may also want your mat to be environmentally friendly. These aspects of your mat's personality are all affected by how the mat is made: how thick it is, what it's made of, and its surface texture. Here's some factors that you can keep in mind to help you make the best decision: Yoga mat's Meaterial We manufacture PVC yoga mat, NBR yoga mat and TPE yoga mat.  PVC yoga mats are traditional mat for yoga, noted for its stickiness. NBR yoga mats are with extra thickness, better cushion, but not cold-resistant. TPE yoga mat is best yoga mat, with beautiful texture and better non-slip. Yoga mat's size, thickness Thick Yoga mat could provide enough cushioning for the knees and wrists.  PVC yoga mat and TPE yoga mat's thickness are 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm and 10mm. NBR yoga mat's thickness is from 8mm to 25mm. Regular yoga mats are 173cm long,61cm widness. You also can get longer ones, ideal if you're tall and prefer the extra mat space, as 180cm,183cm,200cm. Longer and thicker yoga mats might be more difficult to pack up and shove. Thicker mats are more difficult to roll up and are heavier to carry. Yoga mat's stickiness If you're at all familiar with yoga, you've more than likely heard the term "sticky mat." If you need help staying put in your poses but you bristle at the thought of practicing on a yoga mat with a raised texture, a PVC yoga mat is probably your best bet.   Related Products: sticky yoga mat Printed yoga mat NBR thick exercise mat Eco-friendly TPE yoga mat     Reference: